The Benefits of a Remote Work Business Policy

The huge increase in remote work during the pandemic was an immediate response to a short-term public health crisis, but a lot of our local businesses continue to allow large proportions of their employees to telecommute in the aftermath of the pandemic. This is a good thing.

A robust policy on remote work is a vital approach for organizations and companies that are committed to employee engagement. When employees feel cared for and valued, they are more likely to care about the company’s objectives. Additionally, the option to telecommute during times crisis, disaster or shutdown ensures continuity of business.

In addition to its flexibility and productivity advantages, offering remote work options can aid companies in attracting and keeping top talent. In fact, research has shown that companies that have flexible schedules see lower turnover and higher engagement rates than those without them. It also helps organizations reduce expenses associated with overheads, such as utilities, real estate, and office supplies.

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