Media Technologies for Business

Media technology is revolutionizing every industry — but perhaps most importantly it’s changing how businesses connect with their audiences. That’s the reason why a number of businesses like Blockbuster Video and Tower Records were shut down, while others struggle to remain relevant in the wake of a massive disruption.

Media technologies are technological innovations that enable mediated communications, which is the process of information being shared between individuals or groups via channels like audio, television, print, or video. Essentially, it’s how we get the news, play games and watch television and movies. It also includes text-based conversation platforms and social media like Twitter and Facebook and the technology behind them.

While many industries are experiencing disruptions due the new technology however, none has been so deeply affected as the media and entertainment sector. This is why it’s crucial for brands to be adaptable and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

A media tech company is any kind of business that blends both media and technology to create new solutions. They can create anything from digital content to developing software and hardware for media-related industries.

Our program is based on practical learning, which lets students dive into the dynamic and ever-changing world of media technology. Whether you are interested in TV and film production web design, web design or even digital graphics Our undergraduate programs provide many courses and content to make you a success in this new field of employment.

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