How to Hold Effective Virtual Board Meetings

Virtual meetings are a common feature of many mission-driven organizations, if done correctly they can be extremely productive. As with all meetings there are a few key elements to be considered to ensure it is effective.

While it’s essential to set expectations and establish good manners, it’s equally vital to keep the discussion moving. If the conversation stalls or becomes a stalemate on one topic, it can be hard for those who aren’t there to participate and contribute their insight. Agendas can assist the chair of the meeting ensure that everyone is given their fair share and also prevents a handful of key speakers from dominating the conversation.

It’s also important to keep the remote participants interested by i loved this ensuring they view the primary content. This could include shared presentations, physical documents handed out or even content created during the meeting on whiteboards and flipcharts. Remote attendees can be completely engaged thanks to a rich engagement experience. They can make contributions just as easily as people who attend in person.

To make this transition easier to digital meetings, it is essential to use a platform that allows secure, centralised access to all meeting materials. A platform such as BoardPro provides this feature and helps in facilitating the transition to a digital meeting format. Directors can quickly access vital information by saving meeting notes and documents in a central archive.

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