Secure Exchange of Information

The secure exchange of data is a key element in many business operations. It can be done within the company itself or externally with clients, partners or with regulators. Whatever the scenario, it is always important to ensure that all data is secure and encrypted end-to-end.

In the past, companies utilized separate security tools to guard sensitive communications and data. This strategy can lead to frustration among employees and slowed productivity as it takes time to go through a myriad of layers of security to locate the information they need.

When you work with a unified platform that supports secure file and document transfer, your employees can collaborate on projects in a way that is safe and efficient. Secure information exchange can be a good alternative to email and messaging services. It makes use of distribution protocols that do not require user credentials. All messages and documents are delivered according to the station identification of a person, so that no information about the location or activity is available.

In healthcare, the secure exchange of information improves patient care and lower costs by providing a central repository of medical records. It also allows doctors to quickly access the data they require to provide the best treatment to patients. A secure electronic health information (HIE) exchange could also eliminate the requirement for patients to fill out medical history forms each when they visit a different physician.

Secure Exchanges is an unified digital vault which allows the secure transfer of sensitive files and documents to and from customers. It is easy to implement, flexible to the needs of your company and provides an innovative and unique set of privacy and safety features.

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