Tech Education at Drexel University

Whether you’re interested in teaching technology in the classroom or trying to grow your tech-related profession, Drexel has a number of master’s, bachelor’s or doctoral programs to help you achieve your goals. The university’s online campus is an ideal option for students who work full-time and seeking to complete their education in the comfort of their home.

In addition to its tech education Drexel is also a leader in tech education. Drexel University is also a pioneer in experiential learning and boasts one of the best cooperative education programs in the country. The unique way of teaching combines academic rigor with real-world experience and has earned the university national recognition.

The BS in Engineering Technology (ET) program is structured around a multidisciplinary practice-based and systems-based approach to learning that prepares students for success as future technological innovators. It focuses on the practical application of theory as well as practical lab exercises that allow iciphila org students to solve complex problems.

The MS in Educational Technology at Drexel will teach you how to utilize new tools and technologies to enhance student learning. It offers a variety of course options which include self-paced classes and is designed specifically for educators who already have the teacher’s license. The Philadelphia Teacher Residency Program lets you gain experience in the classroom while you take classes. It is available to all teachers who have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

The College of Computing and Informatics is an inter-disciplinary institution that brings together the breadth and depth of Drexel’s undergraduate, graduate and professional computer and information science courses. CCI is only one of a few U.S. colleges that focuses on the interplay of these fields and their role in transforming in all industries.

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