Secure Document Management Tool


A secure document management tool will help you avoid human error and streamline workflows. A unifying document management system will enable you to go digital, reduce data breaches, and ensure that everyone can access the right version of a file from anywhere. The transition from paper documents to digital workflows may cause some disruption, however the efficiency and productivity gains will more than make up for this.

The most effective document management software has a variety of security capabilities which can protect files in transit. These include password protection and unifying storage guidelines. For instance, a great DMS system can allow you to create secure PDFs that can be protected with custom passwords that restrict engagement with documents by requiring that users enter the correct credentials prior to opening the file. Moreover, a good DMS system will allow you to determine who can access or modify certain documents.

Furthermore, a reputable DMS system will automatically backup documents and provide a comprehensive document version history. This can be useful if the document was accidentally deleted, or when someone has made damaging changes which were saved over previous versions. These tools can help you meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA GDPR and FINRA. You will avoid fines, license revocations, and criminal liability.

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