Intralinks Data Room

The Intralinks virtual deal space is a simple user interface that is clutter-free and makes it easy to manage and use. Users simply drag files (single or in large quantities) from their personal computer and drop them into the room for hassle-free storage. The VDR also comes with a range of security features to protect sensitive information from being stolen or accessed by unauthorised persons. These include granular document permissions, customizable dynamic watermarks, AI redaction, and several data centers that use multi-factor authentication to ensure security of sensitive information.

The platform is designed to serve various business reasons such as bankruptcy and restructuring, complex energy deals, initial public offerings, M&A, capital raising, due diligence, asset sales and post-merger integration. It assists business leaders in blurring corporate and geographical boundaries on the same virtual platform that facilitates strategic transactions.

Intralinks provides business users with access to desktop applications, web browsers and secure mobile applications. Its virtual rooms and services are used for streamlining workflows, accelerating due diligence, increasing the value of deals, and meeting compliance and security requirements in high-risk deals.

The company was established by New York City in 1996. In 2018 it was purchased by SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. for $1 billion. It is a renowned provider for inter-enterprise collaboration as well as solutions for managing content. Its services enable worldwide business partners to exchange confidential information and business files across organizations in a safe, controlled, and collaborative virtual environment. The platform is widely employed in M&A and private equity and venture capital transactions.

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